martes, 1 de octubre de 2013

Key #Statistics and Trends in #Trade #Policy | #PolíticaComercial | Publicación de la @UNCTAD

The purpose of this study is to provide some a snapshot on policies affecting international trade over the recent and medium-term period. It is intended as a regular monitoring exercise so as to provide interested readers with informative data and analysis on a regular basis.

The study is organized in several sections. The first part presents statistics related to tariffs. The second part focuses on preferential margins. The third section presents data related to tariff policy space. The fourth section illustrates selected statistics related to preferential trade agreements. The fifth part presents new data on non-tariff measures, and it is followed by a section on trade defence measures. The final section presents statistics on the exchange rate. All trade policy statistics presented here apply only on goods (merchandise). Trade policies related to services are not included in any of the statistics presented here.


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